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For more detailed information on how you can help, read more about the Science Firsthand Collaborative of Buffalo or email inquiries@firsthandlearning.org.

Growing up, do you remember who sparked your interest in learning, in exploring, in science? Were you lucky enough to have a formative experience or a mentor who shared their curiosity, excitement, and love of learning?
All children deserve role models who will support and encourage, inspire and engage. Please consider the ways in which you can help support First Hand Learning’s mission:
* Share your time and passion. Become a Science Firsthand mentor to underserved youth in Buffalo, NY and Albuquerque, NM.
* Share your expertise. If you are a science professional, support young people’s explorations by offering advice as a science coach.
* Share your resources. Do you have equipment, space, or money to donate? Your gifts will enable First Hand Learning to provide more resources to community centers and others offering science-rich experiences to underserved youth.