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Join colleagues from around the country to take part in First Hand Learning's Professional Development Institute to be held on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at the NSTA National Conference in Philadelphia.

Are you searching for meaningful ways to integrate the development of students' science learning with literacy? Would you like to make inquiry an engaging and site-specific experience for students, but need practical suggestions for how to use a school's outdoor environment to do it? In this daylong workshop participants will practice naturalists’ techniques to record observations and communicate findings, identify and use different genres of science writing, and learn how to structure outdoor investigations that will provide on-going and varied opportunities for firsthand learning that promotes skill development.

Held at The Cusano Environmental Education Center at
John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge
, this Institute will offer practical approaches for using the outdoors and nonfiction science texts to spark curiosity, increase content knowledge, develop and hone inquiry skills, and communicate ideas and facts verbally and graphically. Participants will have a chance to learn from each other, as well as from the expertise provided by facilitators Mark Baldwin, from the Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Dr. E. Wendy Saul from the University of St. Louis, Therese Arsenault from Lansing Middle School, and Patricia McGlashan from First Hand Learning.

Register for the conference and the PDI through the NSTA website:

Learn what happened at the PDI held in New Orleans last March at

The First Hand Learning Catalog offers nature journals, hands-on science kits, posters, and more. Go to


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