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Are you a teacher in the Buffalo Public Schools looking for information on the district’s kit-based science program? Click here to learn more about on-going professional development opportunities and kit rotation through the BPS-Team Science Materials Center.

Sparking curiosity, nurturing inquiry, honing critical thinking skills. As a teacher, you know the power that “firsthand learning” has to inspire and educate. Whether you are a keen novice or a seasoned practitioner, FHL offers strategies, materials, and support to engage your students in science and literacy through hands-on investigations, outdoor explorations, journal-keeping, and more. Choose from our programs and resources:
* Object Lessons. This NSF-funded curriculum series designed for the middle grades provides you with exciting kit materials, student journals, and comprehensive teacher’s guides to engage students in authentic inquiry in the classroom.
Download several Object Lessons™ lesson plans for FREE!
* The Young Observer’s Notebook (preK-3) and Firsthand Learning’s Field Journal (grades 3 – 8). To support your students’ investigations, these blank science notebooks offer lined spaces for writing descriptions, measurements, and questions, as well as blank spaces for drawing.
* Download Mini-Journals for FREE and access great ideas for exploring the natural world today.
Check out all FHL’s teaching materials in the FHL Catalog.
* Outdoor Inquiries. Learn how to use the outdoors effectively to support student inquiry and meet your cross-curricular goals with FHL’s toolkit and resource guide.
“Outdoor Inquiries: Taking Science Investigations Outside the Classroom”, published by Heinemann, provides detailed information on focusing outdoor explorations around strategies that allow students to collect and analyzing their own data.
* Professional Development Opportunities. Do you want to engage young people in investigation of their local environment, but are not sure how to structure the experience so that it meets your educational goals? Are you looking for practical tools and techniques to enhance inquiry teaching in your classroom? FHL offers a variety of workshops designed to support and extend your teaching practice.
* Share your ideas with other teachers. Contact FHL at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org to offer feedback, questions, ideas for mini-journal activities, as well as examples of your projects and student work that might be highlighted in a future e-newsletter.
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