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Have you ever watched a bee gather nectar and pollen from a flower? Or followed animal tracks in the snow to see where they lead? Or figured out how to build a top out of toothpicks?
If you have, you’ve been acting like a scientist, investigating things that interest you to learn more about them. That’s really what science is all about. And if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? It’s fun!
Check out some of these ideas to get you started:
* Mini-Journals. Print, flip, fold, explore! Download these free little books, fold them up, and you have instant mini-guides to start exploring.
* Mini-Investigations. Need more ideas about what to do? Try these activities out and discover answers to your own questions.
* FHL Field Journal. Ready to get outside and investigate? Bring along a full-sized notebook to keep track of your observations.
* Share what you’ve done. Scientists communicate their findings with other scientists and you can too. Show your journal entries to friends and family. Who knows, they may end up joining you in new explorations.
You can also share what you’ve been doing with a wider group of investigators. Send us your questions, thoughts, and findings at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org.