Science Firsthand is an NSF-sponsored project that provides urban community centers with two unique resources for involving middle school youth with science during out-of-school time.

The first resource is an adult volunteer who becomes one child's "partner in discovery" for once-a-week meetings at the center for a whole year. The teams choose their own areas of investigation, ranging from the way that paper tears, to the insect inhabitants of a burdock burr, to the simple machines hidden inside an old tape recorder.

The second resource is support to the youth-adult teams for doing science firsthand. In Buffalo, NY, that support comes from First Hand Learning, Inc. and a cadre of volunteer, scientist-coaches. In St. Louis, MO, the St. Louis Science Center provides team support and coordinates the involvement of area scientists.

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Participating Centers:

Ellicott District
Father Belle Center,104 Maryland St, Buffalo, NY 14202,716-843-4023

Lovejoy District
Seneca Street United Methodist Church
1218 Seneca St
Buffalo, NY 14210, 716-825-8745

Fillmore District
T. J. Dulski Center, 129 Lewis St, Buffalo, NY 14206, 716- 847-2860
Polonia Hall
, 385 Paderewski Dr, Buffalo, NY 14212,
Valley Community Center
93 Leddy St, Buffalo, NY 14210

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo, 282 Babcock St. Buffalo NY 14210

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