What is an investigable question? How can teachers help students ask and pursue investigable questions to learn more about the processes of science and practice critical thinking skills?

The natural world is a rich educational resource, one that is essentially free-of-charge, ever changing, and self-refurbishing. It is available to any teacher who chooses to walk out of the classroom door into the schoolyard beyond. Outdoor Inquiries® introduces teachers to the endless possibilities for learning that exist outside and provides them with practical strategies and helpful tools to support student inquiry and exploration. The program consists of an initial one-day professional development seminar, a seminar Teacher’s Resource Guide, a toolkit for field investigations, and a network of teachers, scientists, and organizations.

For more information about Outdoor Inquiries® professional development, contact us at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org

Outdoor Inquiries® Toolkit

Outdoor Inquiries® Teacher's Resource Guide

Outdoor Inquiries® and the Standards

The Outdoor Inquiries® Toolkit includes the following materials to enhance investigation of the natural world:

• 1 field journal
• 1 fine point marker
• 1 mechanical pencil

• 1 hand lens
• 1 ruler
• 1 ball of string
• 1 compass
• 1 measuring tape
• 1 pruning shears
• 1 forceps
• 1 trowel
• 2 mini-LED lights
• 1 collection jar
• 3 collection bags
• 2 pairs latex-free gloves
• 1 thermometer
• 2 paintbrushes
• 50 bamboo skewers

• 1 small net
• 1 pH testing kit
• 1 Field Guide Set – (tracks, weeds, trees)
• 1 Teacher's Resource Guide