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Firsthand Learning supports the important work of informal educators, and is currently piloting an afterschool program at three schools in Buffalo, NY, with support from the Cullen Foundation. The program is called It IS Rocket Science: Space Flight for Urban Middle School Students. This multidisciplinary program encourages students to explore the history of space flight and engage in experiential learning while designing, building, and test flying model rockets.

Learn more about some of the out-of-school programs and resources that Firsthand Learning has developed and implemented:

* Science Firsthand. This afterschool program teams adult mentors with underserved youth at local community centers to work collaboratively on science investigations of their own choosing.
* Young Observer’s Notebook and FHL Field Journal. Enhance children’s observation, recording, and analysis skills through journal-keeping.
* Outdoor Inquiries™ Do you want to involve young people in outdoor learning? This well-stocked tool kit and resource guide offer a way to focus and extend investigations of the natural world.
* Object Lessons™ curriculum, designed for use in schools, has been adapted successfully for out-of-school programs. Its emphasis on real objects and engaging mysteries to solve make each kit an exciting project for middle-school-age children.
* Project ASK. Boys & Girls Clubs of Buffalo use teen mentors to engage middle school students in extended investigations based on their in-school science curriculum.
* FHL Catalog. Journals, posters, kits, and more.
Want more information or to share what your informal institution is doing? Contact us at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org.