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Whether you are searching for home-schooling resources, fun activities for the whole family, or strategies to get your kids spending more time outdoors, Firsthand Learning can help.
* Download FHL’s series of mini-investigations and mini-journals. These free resources offer focused, fun explorations in nature, right outside your front door. Try one today, and get outside!
* The FHL Field Journal and Young Observer’s Notebook are two formatted, blank notebooks that allow all ages to record observations and questions about the natural world. Use of journals promotes skill development in writing, measuring, and drawing. It also challenges the observer to concentrate, to take time to look closely, to question, and to wonder.
* Using a Field Journal. Download for free an activity sheet that provides instructions for using journals effectively with children.
* Outdoor Inquiries shows you how to investigate your backyard and beyond. A kit of cool tools and a resource guide give you the materials and the tips to make outdoor explorations fun and educational.
* Object Lessons™. These kits, designed for formal classrooms, offer students engaging mysteries, authentic objects, and hands-on activities designed to teach science inquiry processes. Each focuses on a different natural history subject: mammals, birds, insects, and archaeology.
* Check out the FHL Catalog for a complete list of products.
What do you need? What do you think? Contact us at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org.