5 sets of 3 specimen slides
6 Sets of Backyard Invertebrate Cards (35 cards/set)
6 Copies of A Guide to Backyard Invertebrates

1 Insect Anatomy poster
6 Copies of Peterson First Guide to Insects
1 Riker mount of the monarch butterfly
1 Riker mount of the cecropia moth

5 Male monarch butterfly Riker mount cards
5 Female monarch butterfly Riker mount cards
5 Male cecropia moth Riker mount cards
5 Female cecropia moth Riker mount cards

4 Sets of Insect Life Cycle Cards
15 Insect–built structures
6 Sets of Insect Architecture Cards
6 Copies of Fabre, The Incomparable Observer
16 Hand lenses
30 Copies of Field Journal

1 Investigating Insects Teacher’s Guide

Investigating Insects is a modular unit that engages students in the processes of scientific investigation through the fascinating lens of insects. Students in grades 5 - 8 learn to classify invertebrates, discuss the benefits of complete and incomplete metamorphosis, compare insect reproductive and survival strategies, and understand that science is a human endeavor that has a history and a future. They observe, collect data, analyze their findings, formulate and revise hypotheses, and develop their own conclusions based on reasoning from evidence. Introduced to the celebrated 19th century scientist Jean-Henri Fabre, students read about his questions and the experiments he performed to answer them. They discuss how to conduct experiments to get meaningful results and then work to design and carry out their own insect investigations. Kit materials include real examples of insect-built structures, Riker mounts of cecropia moths and monarch butterflies, full-color cards, posters, field guides, student booklets, hand lenses, 30 field journals, and a comprehensive teacher’s guide.

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Investigating Insects and the National Science Standards


The kit includes the materials pictured below, including a classroom set of 30 journals.

Price: $475.00

Optional 6-hour professional development is available

Investigating Insects Teacher’s Guide only

Price: $119.00

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