Kit Contents

1 Coyote Skull
1 Squirrel Skull

5 Sets of Mammal Skull Photocards
5 Sets of Human Skull Photocards

1 CD of Mammal Skull Photocard images
2 Mammal Posters
5 Mammal Booklets
1 “Teeth Tell the Story” Booklet

1 “The Mystery Mammals Story” –Reproducible Master
5 Scat Models
5 Pieces of Fur
5 Sets of Model Feet
5 Track Stencils
2 Track Stories
6 Copies of Peterson First Guide to Mammals
30 Field Journals
16 Hand Lenses
1 Teacher’s Guide

Examining Mammals challenges students to discover the identities of five mystery mammals by studying their skulls, teeth, fur, feet, tracks, and scat. Students examine the component parts of each animal, make close observations, collect and analyze data, formulate hypotheses, and by reasoning from the evidence, come to conclusions about the identities of the five mammals.

This 6 - 8 week unit is standards-based. It engages students on two closely intertwined levels: they learn significant mammal-related content and at the same time they become more aware of the inquiry processes they practiced to learn it.

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Examining Mammals and the National Science Standards


The kit includes the materials pictured below, including a classroom set of 30 journals.

Price: $495.00

Optional 6-hour professional development is available

Examining Mammals Teacher’s Guide only

Price: $119.00

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