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Are you looking for materials, strategies, and professional development opportunities that can help your teachers gain expertise and confidence in meeting their educational targets and the new STEM standards? Firsthand Learning offers a variety of products and services that can be tailored to your district’s individual needs and circumstances:
* Professional Development Opportunities. FHL provides quality teacher training experiences that empower teachers to facilitate inquiry-based learning with confidence.
* Inquiry-based Curriculum. Both Object Lessons™ and Outdoor Inquiries™ are NSF-funded programs that offer practical strategies, engaging mysteries, and helpful tools to foster science inquiry and literacy skills.
* Science Notebooks. Enhance students’ observation, recording, and analysis skills through journal-keeping with these carefully-designed softcover books for grades PreK – 3 and 3 - 8.
* Materials Management. FHL works collaboratively with a large urban school district to provide professional development experiences and to manage a Science Materials Center that refurbishes and distributes kits for grades K - 8.
Contact us at inquiries@firsthandlearning.org if you are interested in learning how FHL can help you meet your educational needs.