College Student
Are you up for a rewarding challenge?

Are you looking for a meaningful way to make a difference in your community while fulfilling your service-learning requirements?

Are you interested in working with urban youth to help them engage in science investigations?
If so, you may be interested in Science Firsthand: Partners in Discovery.

Science Firsthand: Partners in Discovery (SF) is an after-school mentoring program for children ranging in age from 10 to 15.

SF brings together supportive adults with inner-city youth to investigate science topics of mutual interest. Mentors work collaboratively with one or several mentees at local community-based organizations (CBOs) that are equipped with simple tools and materials to support exploration and experimentation. The goal is to build enjoyment in science, to develop skills, and to gain confidence in one’s own abilities.

This program involves helping young people learn more about something that excites their curiosity through firsthand experience. What’s a firsthand science experience? It might be taking apart a machine to see how it works, dipping a net into a pond and examining the contents, observing how squirrels gather nuts, or any other activity that get you directly exploring your world. As a team, you and your mentee(s) investigate a scientific topic that intrigues all of you. The mentor provides guidance and support, but doesn’t need any special scientific content knowledge. This on-going relationship built on collaborative activity can change the way the young teens envision their futures. Many of these young people have never seen a college campus or perhaps even have met a college student, so the mentoring relationship can enhance their academic aspirations.

If you would like to know more about Science Firsthand, contact us, respond to a short survey so that we can learn about your interests and needs, or click on the following for further information.

What is a science mentor?

What is a Community-based Organization?

Examine the Science Firsthand Manual for College Mentors.

Voices from the Field
Seeing what my students get out of science was rewarding. It’s exciting to see them getting excited about learning…I also learned a lot from helping students.
College Mentor

I think overall it was a great experience. I feel that I made the correct career choice. I know for sure I want to be a teacher. This was my first teaching experience.

College Mentor

The kids were able to get one-on-one attention and could express what was bothering them. This made them feel better when they could talk about how they were feeling. Also the kids felt empowered when I let them solve things for themselves.

College Mentor

Interaction with young students reminded me of the excitement of education.
College Mentor

I realized how much I love working with kids. I now want to change my major so I can.

College Mentor