Community-based Organization Director
Do you have an after-school program that includes children who would be interested in working with an adult on science topics of their own choosing?

If so, you many be interested in Science Firsthand: Partners in Discovery.

Science Firsthand: Partners in Discovery (SF) is an after-school mentoring program for children ranging in age from 10 to 15.

SF brings together supportive adults with inner-city youth to investigate science topics of mutual interest. Mentors work collaboratively with one or several mentees at local community-based organizations (CBOs) that are equipped with simple tools and materials to support exploration and experimentation. The goal is to build enjoyment in science, to develop skills, and to gain confidence in one’s own abilities.

Many CBO directors are looking for learning opportunities for their children that go beyond finishing homework assignments, playing on the computer, and doing arts and crafts, but their staff often lack the skills and resources to offer engaging and intellectually challenging experiences. This program addresses those problems by providing learning resources, adult mentors to work with the young people, and staffing for the learning laboratory.

If you can provide a dedicated space and some staff time, this program may be of interest to you. If so, contact us, respond to a short survey so that we can learn more about your interests and needs, or read more about the program by clicking on the links below:

What is a science mentor?

Examine the Science Firsthand Implementation Manual.

Examine the Science Firsthand Manual for College Mentors.

Voices from the Field

It’s really become a cornerstone program… I think it’s important, especially when kids say they hate science in school and are getting bad grades but love science here because of the change of venue and how it’s done. All the kids look forward to it. It enriches and enhances everything we offer to kids. It’s a respected program. It’s an honor to have it as part of our offerings.
Center Director

It’s provided the opportunity for kids who have interest in science to work with other students with similar interests and see science as fun, and it supports their interest in a way that isn’t possible in a regular classroom setting. I anticipate some of these kids will continue on in high school or college that might not have otherwise. They can see themselves as scientists or science teachers and couldn’t see themselves in that light just from classroom experiences.

Center Director